Couture Art-To-Wear and Attachés for the confident, elegant and cosmopolitan women that become an essential element of their daily life.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to become a leading brand, delivering seasonal collections of couture denim creations with carefully selected design elements of exquisite fabrics and embellishments.

Our Vision is becoming the leading brand recognized globally for its unique and creative identity. Setting trends and delivering edgy fashion statements each season, inspired by the passion of multicultural and lifestyle scenes.


Suzan Farhoud and Leen Al-Shieshakly, Saudi/German descendants, mother daughter duo with a creative and multicultural background.

Suzan Farhoud graduated with a bachelors degree of business administration, and later went on to study her passions of creativity; jewelry design and interior decorating. Because of her background, she was always inspired by the Oriental style and European Art and culture. Suzan always had a strong touch of combing both Oriental Art with the European touch and style, transforming her vision into an elegant master piece. She always found jeans the most concrete invention that is always in fashion and trends. With that said, she originated the idea of evolving jeans into elegant and formal couture pieces that can be worn however, whenever, and wherever..

Leen Al-Shieshakly also graduated with a bachelors degree of Entrepreneurship and a minor of Public Relations. She later followed her passion and studied Fashion Merchandising with the ambition of becoming a Visual Merchandiser for Bergdorf Goodman. Leen worked as the head of VM for leading brands such as Christian Dior. Later, she used her skills and knowledge of working in the fashion industry and applied creating her own dream into reality. Being around VM and Head of Departments she thought of creating an Attaché line of luxurious and limited denim handbags.

Adding to her mothers ideas, joining forces, and strengthening a unique concept Jeans Couture was born.